Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Thoughts...Cont.

Okay...I don't usually answer comments but here goes...

Donna - I can add 'Smoke', 'Pike', 'Plug' and 'Chief'

Kathy - 3 dogs, 4 cats and a Guinna that's make us look normal!

Cindy - Mama Flame is pretty isn't she...wouldn't it be nice to take her AND a puppy...

Mud - We will take a lot of pictures and post them here and no...the girls would NOT enjoy a puppy...just something I know about them.

Additions to my Thursday Thoughts:

6. I found a dress at...of all the places...Walmart! $25, it fits me well and it's for me!

7. If you swim...say at the pool at the gym...please don't put on aftershave prior to coming to the pool...and PLEASE don't put on a A LOT of aftershave.

8. Manda ate fish and brussels sprouts for dinner...wonders never cease!


Anonymous said...

I am proud of you, trying to get Mandy to eat healthy stuff. She is growing up from little kid food likes and dislikes.
Love Aunt Sue

MUD said...

OK, I'll stop bothering you about the puppies. Now, on to your room mate. I will contribute to the Amanda Goes to school fund but she has to send me the address. Not you, it is something she has to do. Kind of like eating green things and fish. Dave will eat green things. The fish is no longer on his list of approved things. He loved fish sticks as a kid but no more. MUD

Amy said...

Manda ate what?! That's great! They weren't fried were they?;) I love my fish blackened or grilled(well-done)yum-yum. I don't know that fish sticks count as fish just like hot dogs don't count as beef or pork or chicken or turkey or...well they pretty much make hot dogs out of anything they can feet through a grinder.