Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thirteen

1. When you smell poop...chances are there's poop. Especially at 4am...god bless their little old doggie hearts.

2. Spin class is 'oh my god!' hard. I mean lay down on the floor after, hard.

3. For $10 an hour you too can spend an evening with your 16 year old nephew. The Firefighter's Ball is tomorrow. Austin will be working with some other young fellows selling pop and ice.

4. Nothing beats a nap in the sun from a window on a cold November day.

5. Why do I always think I'm going to have all this free time when the season's almost Thanksgiving and all I've done is clean out my underware drawer. My list of January to do's just gets longer and longer.

6. When I get talked into taking Andrew to movie night at school I need to remember 3 things, a chair, snacks and the fact that he never stays for a whole movie so the outing will be short.

7. Did you know that the Tooth Fairy takes Wednesdays off? Go ask Kim...


Cindy said...

Totally remember the 4am poopies. With Gus it was then followed by the "I'm up now - lets eat!"

Props to you for the spin class. Just watching and thinking about it makes me lay down - before.

Free time seems to disappear just about as fast as it appears - gobbled up by something "to do", which basically negates the concept of free.

Kathy said...

Random poop. Been there. Cleaned that.

MUD said...

Do firefighters have fancy uniforms to wear at the Firefighters Ball? The Military has all sorts of fancy uniforms, most of which are no longer worn. Barb would almost always go with me to the Balls but I'm sure she didn't really enjoy them. We would almost always find someone to sit with that was a teacher.
4 AM is generally when I have to go up stairs and shine the light at Taco to make him shut up. There is a bunch of dogs that like to bark nearby and they chose early to do so. MUD