Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

Hey...maybe this can be a regular thing...


1. If you are going to work the drive through window it's sort of important that you be able to speak English and understand English. If you have to go get someone else to speak for you it really slows down the process.

2. When did a 'large' soda become like...64 oz? I think of a large soda being 32 oz. Anything larger does not fit in my cup holder. If the large at your establishment is ginormous, noting such on the menu board would be helpful. If not...don't get pissy with me when I don't want it.

3. Have you noticed the empty store fronts? Even in nice shopping areas. That scares me as much as anything.

4. I am NOT getting a puppy. (although if I was I'd get the cute little tricolor boy) I have two elderly girls and it would not be fair to them. They will live the remainder of their days (many, I hope) in the quiet predictability of their home. No puppies. Dang.

5. When did stores stop carrying dresses? And when did the dresses they do have get so darn short....showing my age a bit, huh. I need a dress and and I need a bit more fabric.

Have a great Thursday!


Cindy said...

Thursday thoughts would be a nice, regular thing.

Haven't run into the no English speaking in the drive thru. Talk about a challenge. Altho, sometimes, what I hear them say thru a static-filled speaker doesn't really sound like English anyway.

Don't drink soda, but everything is "supersized". My cup holder doesn't even hold the Camelbak water container that Donna turned me onto.

Haven't been shopping so haven't noticed empty store fronts. Not surprised tho.

No puppies for me either. Altho, I think mama Flame is just beautiful and the look on her face in the picture you posted is so sweet - she is obviously looking at her puppies.

Haven't needed or worn a dress in very long time. Wondering how a dress would look with tennis shoes or sketchers?!? And if heels are involved, wouldn't that also mean, gasp - panty hose?? IN ABSOLUTELY NO HURRY TO GO THERE!!

MUD said...

Your girls could mother a puppy and be happy doing it. I do think that they deserve a happy home but what could be happier than a puppy?

I didn't realize there weren't dresses in stores. I am still working on eliminating all ties from my closet. A turtleneck is about as fancy as I want to get.

How many ounces are there in a Sonic Route 44? I only buy them during Happy Hour.