Saturday, November 29, 2008

One Of The Best Days Ever

My two favorite guys and I spent yesterday making cookies and decorating my Christmas tree. Austin did most of the measuring and mixing. Andrew read the recipe for the icing and was our sous chef.

We'd get some cookies in the oven and then put some ornaments on the tree.

He's 16. If you asked him he'd deny that he had any fun.

Manda came home for a while and hung out with us. She's one of Andrew's favorite people. Mine too.
Andrew always has a plan for what goes where.

The Gingerbread guys were fun to decorate.
And they're cute, too.

But the iced cutouts are my favorite...not to look at but to eat.

We ended the day with a exciting game of Uno. Austin won.


Kimmy said...

They both had a great time and I enjoyed the cookies! Thanks Aunt Jenn your the best!

Kathy said...

Looks like a great time was had by all!

MUD said...

Great group of people you had there. I didn't get many cookies in 'Bama 'cept the one's Janet brought. Did get some great food.

Oh, did I mention that cute little baby? You just have to hold him and give him kisses to get one of those Austin (or Charlie Charlie, short for chubby cheeks) smiles and laughs. Hope to see you this month some time.

Donna said...

the gingerbread dudes are adorable! (and so are aj and austin... and manda too!) and YOU... you are very beautiful. ;-)

Amy said...

Pooh-Bear is one of my favorite people too! The cookies look yummy!