Friday, December 08, 2006

9 Things I Learned Today

1. 14,000 meters is a long way in one day.

2. A four year old makes a fun x-mas shopping companion but a stressfull workout partner.

3. My attic is not big enough for me on my erg and the above mentioned four year old and all his hot wheels.

4. There is an entire sub culture surrounding McDonalds play areas.

5. I really, really like egnog lattes.

6. One should always check the forecast before promising a trip to the dog park to a small boy.

7. Andrew prefers to keep his gloves in his hat...while wearing it on his head.

8. Adults fall asleep quicker than kids when lying quietly at nap time.

9. Playdough is cheap.

Hope you learned something today.
Go fast!


Rebecca said...

LMAO!!! Too freaking funny.

Skittles said...

Hahhaa.. very funny & very true!