Thursday, December 07, 2006

Not Far Enough

80,000 meters and the clock is ticking...I'm beginning to get a little worried. So worried that I dragged my erg out of the attic and brought it to work with me today. 12000 today will help.

I'll get it all done. I always do. But I wonder if my holiday season would be less stressful without this crazy erg challenge. Fatter but less stressed.

Focus is the way to get through the long winter. Find a focal point, fitness, flexability, balance...and plan your training around that. If you have an idea and would like some help figuring out how to modify for your focus I can probably help. Just let me know.

How far is everyone else?


JuneB said...

Hey I'm not far enough yet either! Some days I'd rather focus on fudge.

Sharon said...

I think I'm doing good - over 108 and doing 10 today and taking tomorrow OFF.

ed smith said...

Focus; you want focus: how about Feb 3 St. Louis focus your way over 2000m on that "contraption of the devil" and show those StL @#$*%#@s that we can kick their b**** on the water and then kick them off! I know it's a bit abrasive but I have erg issues; I did clean it up 'cause you know the little ones they repeat things.

Sharon said...

How about focus on Stl and kicking some StL B****, then the fudge! June, glad you are back with us!!!