Sunday, December 10, 2006

Burn Baby, Burn

I am not a techno geek, I am not a techno geek, I am not a techno geek....okay, so I just used Bluetooth to send a picture from my phone to my computer to post on my decide.

This is how I spent my morning. The house was cut up into small rooms with 3/4 inch plywood over doors and windows and used to store 4-6 foot long pieces of wood trim boards. In the words of Captain Mark Bishop (known as 'Chopper') "There must be six million of them in there!" Needless to say it took us a while.

I was driving pumper 10 and we were first on scene and our crew kicked some ass! I ran 3 attack lines, changed air bottles, fetched fans, pike poles, chainsaws, attic ladders. Brian and Brett (my crew) attacked the fire in the basement. Worked through 3 bottles a piece and put everyone else to shame. While some other crews were getting their butts chewed, we got a few 'atta boys'...and 'girls'.

I'm about to get promoted. I'm two out on the promotional list and if the stars align just right I could get promoted around the first of the year (or so). I'd guess that we all have anxiety about promotions, job changes, etc. I have been worrying. Whether I'm ready, whether I know enough, am strong enough, am brave enough, am respected enough.

It's hard being a girl in the oldest all boys club. It's going to be harder being a girl with rank (and I don't mean that I need a shower). I will be in a position of leadership. Leading men, many of whom don't feel that I should even be here in the first place. Tricky.

I needed this fire today. I kicked butt. The chief noticed...the chief who hates me. My old captain noticed...a veteran captain I respect more than any other. The guys noticed. I know I can do this job. I really needed this fire today. I'm ready.

I decided that this blog would be a place where I could share my thoughts and advice about the sport I coach. I have stayed true to that intent. Today I just needed to tell someone about my day.

I'm 110,000 meters in and on track to finish on the 22nd.

Go fast.


MUD said...

All my life I have worked hard at any job given me. I did my best and that has always been good enough. I can only assume you have the same ability to work hard and stand out as a leader. I would be proud to work with you and want to be in on the promotion party. MUD

Jenn said...

For those of you who don't know, 'MUD' is my uncle. Mean Uncle Denny. He's not really mean, though :-)

Skittles said...

I think you'll find you'll be posting more and more about your days with your sport still in there, too. Good luck with the promotion!