Thursday, December 28, 2006

No, I didn't die...

Andrew and Santa

Stephen and Santa

Christmas floored me. I got behind and well...

I finished all 200,000 meters on the 21st.

Drove to Texas with my sister, my 14 and 4 year old nephews and my 85 year old grandmother. Can you say, I need a beer!

Luckily my dad had some.

The food has been outstanding,

Christmas Eve and Christmas day were spectacular.

My little nephews, Andrew-4 and Stephen-3, are cute and smart and actually well behaved.

The older nephew, Austin-14, is now old enough to hang out with the guys and hold his own in the football, poker, fishing banter.

Grandma got up a 5am every morning and needed help with the coffee maker.

Santa (Dad in a Santa suit) visited on Christmas Eve right after dinner and you should have seen Andrew's eyes! Hook, line and sinker.

Austin and I have stayed in Texas and will fly home on Saturday. Just in time for me to spend New Year's Eve with the fine folks at fire station #10.

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday.

I'll be at ATC, on an erg, Tuesday Jan 2.

Happy New Year


Rebecca said...

I am glad you didn't die. And I am glad you had a great holiday.
Love you. Boy, your dad has aged...all that white hair and beard business. JK. Your dad rocks.
Love you.

Rebecca said...

Apparently...I must love you a lot because I told you that twice in the last post. Anyway I am delirious from the flu...and I love you. Hey...I'm a poet.

Rebecca said...

Somebody please put me out of my misery!!! Please...somebody...anybody???

Rebecca said...

I did by the shoes while ill. I ordered pizza for dinner tonight. I worked all day at the funeral home. I am in bed again. I am still sick...I never should have worked. I probably never should have bought the shoes...they were a hundred bucks. Please don't tell anyone I spent that kind of money on a pair of shoes. Please don't tell Kris. Oh god I am still delirious