Sunday, December 10, 2006

Picture for next entry

I'm having some trouble when adding a picture to a post. Any text loses it's formatting and ends up one blob of words.


JuneB said...

Hey you go girl! I'm very impressed. And don't you worry, the stars will align, eventually. I was watching the Hawaii Ironman 2006 yesterday, and they actually profiled a female firefighter who is also an adventure racer, and finished her 4th Ironman that day. Talk about strong. Also in Runners World this month, they profile the Captain of an all female firehouse in California, as one of the RW "Heros". Interesting reading! You can do it.
Hi to Sharon too. Looking forward to remedial rowing on the water next spring! I'm at 100 something km after today, it's hard to keep up with you ladies!

Rebecca said...

I am so impressed with you that I barely have any words, but words that do come to mind are proud, impressed, in awe, and very happy that you are always successful in everything you place your hand to. You, my great cousin, rock my socks off. I love you!!!

Rebecca said...

And that's a very cool photo, by the way.