Sunday, May 27, 2007

How Was Your Weekend? Ours Was A Little Rainy But As You Can See It Didn't Slow Us Down Much

Steve broke his pole but note that he is in much deeper in his waders.
My best boy.
Nephew feeding the ducks...
Gina and Stevie on the jet ski.

Great hair and blue lips.
Cousins... AJ is twice as big but Stevie runs the show...
Austin sailing.
Pawpaw and the grandsons.
Tex and his big fish...notice he won't touch it.


Rebecca said...

Great photos. Everyone looks so great. I miss you!!!

Oh and I tagged you with a meme.

And when will you be home? We wanna come spend the night.

Mz Jackson said...

Looks like you guys had a really great time!

Kimmy said...

You stole my pictures! I was the only one who took time and lots of energy (in between the drinking) to preserve these memories and you stole them!