Friday, May 18, 2007

A Shout Out To All My Lurkers

In the world of computers, people who visit and read but never comment are called "Lurkers".
I lurk occasionally. I regularly lurk around
Notes From The Trenches and Zeno Mueller.
What cracks me up though, is my peeps who read and even talk to each other about what they read here.
I try to write (mostly but my life tends to invade) with everyone in mind.
So today is just a quick "HI!" to those who lurk: Donna, Ed S, June, Mike, Jeff B, Mom (yes, even my mother is a lurker!), Sharon, Steven...and I'm sure there are others...
You know, you can say hi by posting 'anonymous'. You don't have to sign in or anything!
And today...I'm not going to lurk either.


Odat said...

Not lurking, not lurking, I swear!!
Hey I love the new pic on your blog! Happy Friday !!

Mz Jackson said...

Checked out Notes From the Trenches as promised and loved it! Will check out the other later on, gotta go do an interview!
BTW, I love the new blog setup!

Anonymous said...

Caught! I anonymously admit I am a lurker-maybe if you'd answer email I could come clean!

PS Mel is fessing up to. He's been lurking around Rescue's pics-maybe he has a crush!

Have a great weekend!

Jenn said...

see that wasn't so hard...answering email right now!

MUD said...

I seldom Lurk. In fact I am often criticized for saying things authors don't want to hear. Love the new Picture. MUD

Anonymous said...

Alright...alright...alriiiiiiiiight!!! Yes...I lurk. I AM A LURKER. (There...I said it...step #1, right?) LOVE your blog Jenn! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, wisdom, wit, humor, sarcasm, experience, perspective, and talents. In all are an inspiration...and you really are radiant light! : )


mike said...

Um... yeah, OK, OK!


JeffB said...

Caught. Great blog. If you haven't already seen it there is a great article on the vespoli site about coaching single scullers. Hint, hint.

Kimmy said...

I don't have time to comment...usually just time enough to lurk!