Monday, May 14, 2007

KCRC Is Going To The Youth National Championships!!!!

One of my kids (Paula) earned a bid for the National Championship regatta on Saturday!
I have never seen a kid more excited. she finished second in the Girls Varsity Single racing tough, as always, against a very fast field. Very fun!!

We will be going to Cincinnati in June to see how she stacks up against the rest of the Nation.

All of our boats advanced to the finals.

The girls earned a bronze in the quad, finishing 18 seconds behind Austin (who I think may win a National Championship in a few weeks) and 11 seconds behind Episcopal. They raced a perfect race, 33 spm up to 35 spm for the last 200 meters...they were very pleased.

Both doubles (light and open) finished sixth. We decided on the way home that when asked where they finshed the answer would be " reverse order". These kids have such great spirit. We thought we might do better in the open but after a grueling quad race they were a little out of gas. The light double raced about to their potential. They are young and will get faster.

The novice eight rocked! They raced neck and neck down the course with St Louis B matching stroke for stroke and ending up fifth but just by a hair. It was an exciting race and they had a blast. For such a young crew I couldn't have asked for a better experience. It was fun to watch.

The KCRC parents, as always, were such a blessing. Keeping us fed and watered and sunscreened and encouraged. Fetching oars, shoes, water bottles, making sandwiches and cheering 'till their voices were raspy. Never under estimate the impact an involved parent has on a young athlete.

The trip home was fun but long. A flat tire on the trailer and some trouble with the lights added a hour or so but we all got home in one piece.

These kids are the most amazing people I know.

I'll have pictures later this week.


Mz Jackson said...

Hey, congrats to all! I'm proud of you guys.

MUD said...

You are the most amazing person and they follow their leader. Good to see you today. MUD