Monday, March 03, 2008

And yes...before Manda tells you...apparently I like to keep my conditioner in the refrigerator.

(anyone want to guess what season it is?)


MUD said...

Does it have beer in the bottle? When I was in Vietnam, Myrna Sue sent be a bottle with scotch in it and a label from a cleaning product on it. I had it for a week right out in the open and no one knew. They did wonder how I got a little drunk during the Christmas eve ceasefire. MUD

Kathy said...

MUD--what a great story!

Why, exactly, do you keep your conditioner in the refrigerator? Does it improve the product in some way?

I can only think that I'd be standing in the shower without my conditioner thinking crap! My conditioner's in the fridge! JOHN!!!

Donna said...

a question that certainly bears asking, kathy. jenn? : )

MUD said...

Jenn is a contradiction wrapped in a conundrum. We don't wonder why, we just love her and say why not? MUD