Monday, March 24, 2008

My Mother...And Easter

My Mother is the never ending hostess.
If there is a holiday, a family event...a sunny Mom has people at her house. Feeding them, providing hostessness, drinks etc.

She always does it up on Easter. Quiche, potatoes and many other yummies. We all come over. Grand Parents, evil step sister et al, step brother and his darling children, sis and her crowd, worthless brother and the girl friend he doesn't deserve.

This year Kimmy was on call and I really wanted to spend Easter with her boys. We explained to Mom. She was disappointed but she loves us so it wasn't a huge deal.

I called her early. She was already. I so wished I was there. Often I spend the night before big gatherings. Getting up with her to help in the kitchen. Both of us cooking, drinking coffee, dancing around one another as we create a meal. I love this time with my Mom.

So I went to Kim's. We had Mom's recipes. We'd have her food. We put together the quiche and Kim had the potatoes ready.

Then the door bell rang.

Kenny answered and I heard a familiar voice.

My Mother entertained the whole family at her house. Cooked and fed them all.

And then got in her car and drove to KC because she wanted to be with her kids.

I have the BEST Mom!

I sure love her a lot.


Donna said...

Your mom is AWESOME!!!! What a wonderful Easter almost makes me want to SING!! : )

Kimmy said...

Best mom and the very best sister, thanks for all you do!

MUD said...

Real men don't eat quiche. Even if you put spinach or other things in it, it is still scrambled eggs in a good pie shell. Need pie in that shell with a good scoop of ice cream.