Friday, March 07, 2008

"Tis The Season

The season for rowing.

Just a quick note to remind everyone that my life gets down right out of control this time of year and while I read all of your blogs and try to comment if I have any energy, I often go several days between posts of my own.

We spent our first afternoon at the new boatyard yesterday.

Oh my gosh! What a lovely place it will be to coach and row and learn! It's quiet, and private and tucked back in the woods. Not surrounded by concrete and cars.'s a bit like moving into a new house. Nothing is unpacked. The couch is upside down and the beds aren't put together.

It was fun to be there and the kids had a blast but there is a lot of work to be done. I hope to spend a lot of time there in the next week sorting through things and figuring out how to live in our new space.

I'll take some pictures this coming week so you can see how nice it is.

('s snowing again and it still sucks)


MUD said...

My idea on this is to put Mandy on your permission to write and have her do some updating on your crazy life there in KC land. I would love to hear her side (and see some pics of her) of this green issue and what's going on in her life. MUD

Cindy said...

Hey there. Got a question for you, blast from your past at KU Crew. Do you remember hearing a truck honking from the I-70 bridge - 2 long and 3 short honks. I think I might know who that was.

When (years) did you row at KU? I know someone who did too.

Donna said...

hey... tgitw!!! small world friend lauren from work met our laura in washington at the american academy of nursing. go figure!