Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday Musings From The Big Red Chair

"what did you dream about?" Andrew asked this morning almost before my eyes were open...long before my first cup of coffee.

He spent the night after we went to a party at Scott and Lisa's (9 or 10 kids...most little boys under 8)

It took me a while to remember but I dreamed of hummingbirds. I can't wait unitl they come back fo the summer. The soft humming of their wings. The zipping and zooming as they chase each other through the porch.

The tulips and the humming birds are my favorite spring things.

Kimmy came to pick him up and we lounged around on my big girl furniture for a while visiting.

Got to talking about recycling, etc...yeah...big shocker there.

I think the thing that has had the biggest impact on me is all of the reading I have done. Blogs and articles and whatnot.

Some scientific, some opinion, some preachy.

Knowledge is always good but is lack of knowledge an excuse?

One writer asked "when will we stop urinating in fresh, clean water?" Never really thought about it before...but isn't sanitation and disease control also our responsibility.

Someone asked me recently..."why so worried about water?" Doesn't it all stay here on the planet?

I suppose? I don't really know...

It takes resources to move and treat the water so it is safe for us to use. We are slowly depleating the water deep under the earth. But where DOES the water go?

So many people don't really understand what they can recycle.

And what that really means.

Is it okay to get a plastic bag if you 'recycle' it? IS it really 'recycling' if you fill it with trash and then throw it away. It ends up in the landfill either way...

Deffenbaugh Industries is the trash hauler for many of us.

Here is a list of what you can put in your green bin....

Advertising Inserts
Carrier Stock
Corrugated Cartons
Junk Mail
Manila File Folders
Office Paper
Telephone Books

#1 PET Plastic Containers
#2 HDPE Plastic Containers
Aluminum Cans
Steel (tin) food & beverage cans

Recyclables can be commingled loosely in the recycling bin.
Corrugated cartons should be cut or reduced to 2' X 2' and placed under the recycling bin.
All containers should be thoroughly rinsed.

Here is what they won't take:

Glass-(this can be taken to many recycling centers)
#3 - #7 Plastics (Try not to buy anything in 3-7 plastic)
Automotive Product Bottles
Carbon Paper
Construction Paper (I have been putting this in the green paper collectors at local schools...oops)
Deli or Salad Bar "Clamshells" (Bring your own container)
Drink Pouches (skip)
Egg Cartons (many local farmers markets will take these when you buy fresh eggs)
Film Canisters (who doesn't have digital?)
Foil (Many recycling centers will take)
Frozen Food Containers (yuck...fresh is better)
Frozen Juice Containers or Straws (fresh...hello)
Gift Wrap (wrap in brown craft paper)
Hanging Folders
Hardback Books (salvation army)
Microwave Trays (Yuck)
Motor Oil Bottles
Paper Plates or Cups (oh gosh...just use real stuff)
Paper Towels (I had decided that there are a few...feline intestinal issues that could sure use a paper towel)
Paperback Books (salvation army)
Plastic Bags (the grocery store usually has a bin)
Plastic Cereal Box or Cake Box Liner Bags (this one is hard...gotta have my cherios)
Plastic Lids or 6-Pack Holders
Scrap Metal (there is a place at 635 and Merriam Lane that will buy scrap metal)
Shredded Paper (the green paper bins at school will take shredded)
Tissue Paper
Vitamin or Prescription Bottles
Wax Cardboard
Yogurt or Margarine Tubs

Interestingly...Deffenbaugh won't pick up your glass but you can drop it off at their recycling center 8905 Kaw DriveKANSAS CITY, KS 66111

so...that's all I got.

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Chile said...

I've had hummingbirds in my yard for the past week or so. They like the little gnats that hover near my compost bins.