Thursday, March 13, 2008

Much To Do

Laundry, clean the car, buy dog food, water the plants, drop off the overflowing recycling, muck out the frig...oh yeah...pack.

The stinky nephews and I hit the road bright and early tomorrow heading to the great state of Texas to spend some time with my Dad.

It's a trip we've made before...with and without their parents.

Andrew looked at me with all seriousness "long car drive" he said.

He's right. 10 hours. But the payoff is huge.

Fishing, swinging, boat rides, maybe a little jet skiing if it's not too cold. I think we'll probably go to the aquarium, the Texas State Fisheries, ride bikes and just hang out.

I have a little anxiety about greeness. I've decided that I will make green choices for myself on this trip but I won't force it on the boys. I'll bring some snacks to cut down on the trash but drinks...honestly...a plastic bottle with a lid is probably a good thing for the boys...I'll just look away.

See ya later...

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MUD said...

Have a great trip. Take a spring break from the greenness. MUD