Sunday, April 05, 2009

Birthdays, Drums and His Two Front Teeth

Uncle AsaBob turned 40 on Wednesday so today we went out to eat and then back to the Bates house for cake and drum solos.

Loud but fun.

And someone finally lost that last front tooth. Cute don't ya think.


Kimmy said...

It was a fun time but very loud! Great picture of AJ.

MUD said...

Asa Bob is 40? No Shit? Can't be. That means I'm,oh shit oh, dear. 60 Heck no, I'm 61 and will be 62 soon. In the store Saturday a little girl was sucking her thumb and when I asked her how it tasted, she smiled and she had a thumb gap right there in the middle. Love that smile. MUD

Anonymous said...

I loved the music concert! Happy Birthday to Asa. Sorry I wasn't there but the wind and the weather scared me off. What a good looking, musical family.

Rebecca said...

I love this rocked!!!