Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So...this post is going to require a lot of visualization.


Last shift we got a call after I was already in bed. Not asleep...but in my room reading...about 9pm.

We leave our bunkers next to our beds so we can be dressed and ready to go quickly if we get an alarm.

Remember that our boots stay inside our pants...like the picture above.

I don't like to sleep in socks. So I leave a pair of socks perched on top of my boots so I can quickly slip them on.

But my feet were cold when I got in bed so for some reason I got another pair of socks and put them on...leaving my other socks on top of my boots.

We get an alarm.

It's a medical call. I quickly shove my feet into my boots, pull the bunkers up and hurry to the rig.

We're on scene. An older lady not feeling well. I'm standing in her bedroom. Doing my usual clipboard duty. Writing down meds, vitals, history.

At some point I look down at my feet.

And there, on the floor, is my sock.

I think for a minute.

Casually reach down, pick it up and shove it in my pocket.

All the while listening to the patient's daughter recite her medical history.

She saw me pick it up.

It was obviously a sock.

Neither of us said a word.


I felt pretty cool.

And professional.


Anonymous said...

So are you missing the other sock or did you find it in your pant leg or truck or back at the station?
Love aunt Sue

Manda said...

wow...so, now we can't blame missing socks on the laundry gnome anymore?!?!

Kathy said...

Maybe she thought you were stealing a sock!

Mz. Virginia said...

I thought the same thing Kathy did, lol.