Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Walk In The Woods

Things have been very busy for me and it's been a few days since I've been able to get River to the lake for a walk. I was starting to think her head might explode if we didn't get a little this morning, even though it was really nasty we went.

I was trying to get some video of the wiggle...She was wearing her muzzle and I think it subdues the wiggle a bit.

It so very nice to have a place to walk so close to home where I can let her run. During the week we go pretty early in the day and I feel very comfortable letting her run un-muzzled. But on the weekend...even in really crummy weather...I'm always worried that someone else might be walking. She's still so unpredictable that the muzzle is necessary. Sad, but necessary.

She's a work in progress.

But then again, aren't we all.


Cindy said...

My Wiggles is now running free and unencumbered at the big lake in the sky - and smiling from ear to floppy ear.

Kimmy said...

Love the video thanks for taking such good care of our girl. If she was still with me we would have stayed curled up on the couch on a day like today.

Cindy said...

Rousting geese at the lake - a good dog day indeed!