Thursday, April 02, 2009

Green Bowling Balls

April will be our last month of bowling league until Fall. We aren't very good. Strange thing though...we weren't very good when we started...and we haven't gotten any better.

But we're having fun and the beer is cold.


MUD said...

Grandpa Petty was a bowler and tried to bowl in a league as much as he could. He carried a 156 average one year. Must run in the family that we like to roll balls and drink cold beer. MUD

Mz. Virginia said...

Mz. V says to tell you that anybody who can row a boat as well as you can ought to be able to roll a bowling ball (she says this laughingly of course =)

I (LWJ) never get any better at bowling either...but I sure do enjoy it. If I can hit 100 it is a miracle.