Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Bridge To Madagascar

The following is a conversation I just had with Andrew.
He's 7.
Loves geography and maps.
Is afraid to fly.
Andrew: "You know Madagascar? The place...not the movie?"
Me: "Yeah"
Andrew: "It's by Africa."
Me: "Yeah...wouldn't it would be fun to go there someday?"
Andrew: Silent pause. "But I'm afraid of heights."
Me: "That's okay...someday you'll fly."
Andrew: Another silent pause. "I thought there's a bridge. With gas stations so we can stop sometimes." least when we are driving across the bridge to Africa there will be gas stations. Good thing. I'm sure I'll need a diet coke. And he'll need a bathroom.


Amy said...

So funny! Sounds genius to me;)

MUD said...

Once upon a time a man found a lamp on the beach. As he rubbed the sand off, a Jeanie popped out and told the man that he would grant one wish and one wish only. Make it Good. The Man wished for a bridge to Hawaii. The Jeanie said, get real, no one would want a bridge to paradise. The Man changed his wish to a woman he could understand. After a short period, the Jeanie asked him how many lanes wide does he want that bridge. MUD

Cindy said...

Love that joke!! It is a joke isn't it??