Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Last Day Of School

I picked the little darlings up today when school was dismissed for the summer. Andrew finished his first grade year and now is a second grader.
Austin finished his sophomore year and hopefully will be a junior next year. (just kidding Aus:-)) And he even agreed to hang out with his little brother and crazy aunt for an afternoon.
He looks pretty thrilled.
We planned a nice bike ride along what we refer to as the Sonic trail...because at one end there is a...Sonic! It makes for a nice turning around place. A little ice cream and a ride back.
There were some beautiful wild flowers along the way...the boys let me stop and take pictures.
And there are two playgrounds and we stop at both...both times we pass. As you can see, we like the swings.


Donna said...

Yippee!!!! Schools out! (I wish I was on vacation, too...)

Lovely flowers along the *Sonic Trail*... and I like your new header, too!!! :-)

Kathy said...

There's nothing like that "last day of school feeling."

It kinda tingles in your stomach and up your spine!

I'm so lucky I get to experience that each year although a "3 month vacation" is a total myth!