Thursday, May 07, 2009


They are nervous...and so am I. We've practiced our starts.
They look good, don't they?

Okay...well...they're teenage boys...what'd you expect.

They've worked hard.

Taken the strokes.

They just need good luck and positive vibes.

...can you send them some?


MUD said...

These kids are getting the chance to belong to an organization that takes them places to row. Having met most of them, it shows that they are a pretty good group of people under your great leadership. Keep doijg what you do and they will grow and exceed your expectations. MUD

MUD said...

Barb still wants to know what you did with the dog. Did he move in with the rest or did you take him to the door and shout "Freedom". yOU ARE TOO NICE TO KICK HIM IN THE BUTT LIKE i WOULD HAVE. mud

Kathy said...

Thinking good thoughts for the team and the coach! :)

MUD said...

If you really loved us you would tell us what happened to that damned dog. MUD