Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Lot Of Pictures, A Few Words

So many of you know how crazy busy the last two weeks have been...lots of brother drama, two regattas, trucks reserved but not available, parents in town, party for my dad...yikes.

I've taken a lot of pictures and just simply didn't have the energy to make each one it's own post so here you go.
Two Fridays ago I spent some time running around with my friend Dave (who then loaned me his truck to get my boats to Topeka for a Regatta...Thanks Dave!).

One of the places we went was home to this little darling and her mother. Her name is Ruby and she is the sweetest little thing.

Her mom Princess is pretty sweet, too.

My kids missed a prom when we traveled to Austin so they had a 'fake' prom in the hotel after racing on Saturday. Aren't they darling.

We had some bumps and didn't advance out of the finals in any of our races but they did enjoy each other's company and everyone had an opportunity for growth and learning ('growth' and 'learning' is coach speak for we got our butts kicked)

They are, however, still the neatest people I know.

Then I hopped on a plane and flew home to spend the evening with these great people.

Sisters are amazing...I wish everyone had one as great as mine.

It was so amazing to see and meet the folks my dad has worked with and people who love him as much as we do.

Sunday morning I met with some gals I rowed with in college. WE got out on the Kaw for an alumni row.

We almost remembered how....

So that's it...carry on.


MUD said...

After a day on the Lake I'll bet the girls thought their hair looked terrible. At least there were a few boys this time to dance with. Great pictures. MUD

Anonymous said...

Missed you at lunch yesterday. Hope you can come to see us next week on Wed. for lunch.
Love Aunt Sue

Rebecca said...

Looking at the photo of you and Kim....we are so related.