Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Newest Boy

My cousin Janet is a Grandma....I think she's diggin it.
My house wench Amanda is an Aunt. Austin is trying to eat her chin. I think she's diggin it.
I noticed that the best pictures of this little guy are when he's asleep. Because it's the only time I can get him in focus. He's a mover.
And at last...a cute crawl by smile.


Kimmy said...

Thanks Jenn!

carrie said...

Great Photos. I don't know if any of mine came out yet. Better get on that today.
PS. glad the cat is back!

Manda said...

that baby attacks!!! be careful!!! :P

Rebecca said...

An attacker eh???? So....cute. I wish I could be there. :( I miss all of you. See some of you on girls weekend.