Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Many years ago, when I was a new cyclist just learning about the sport, a friend got me hooked on the Tour De France.

We'd all watch and talk about the riders, the climbs, the hot days on the flats, the team cars, the crazed fans.

I've watched every year since.

The last week of the tour has always fallen the same week as US National Rowing Championships. I would pack my rowers up and head to this week long regatta.

We'd race during the day in the heat and in the evenings watch the tour as we recouped in the cool air conditioning.

It was a tradition.

Kids who knew nothing of cycling could name the leaders, discuss Alpe D'Huez and marvel at the speed. I see kids who rowed for me in those years...they ask if I still watch.


For several weeks in July I watch the boys ride around in France.

This July has been all about rowing. Not Nationals but the orange life jacket gang.

And the evenings...I watch the tour in the air conditioning.

I really, kinda love July.

In a sick sort of way.


MUD said...

I love the summer. Must have been all that beer I got to drink. During the four extreme months I try to read a good book. In the summer I work outside in the AM and in the winter I work outside after lunch. Love ya. MUD

Anonymous said...

Do you still have the same bike that you bought in college? I remember thinking "what does she want with a bike?". Now I know. Are you connected to the bike tour that is taking place in MO soon?
Love ya!

Kimmy said...

I personally hate July it is tooooo hot! Well not true I do like a cold beer on the porch at around 8:00 when it cools down enough to be outside. Have'nt watched the tour this year but I enjoyed the last 2.