Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Orange Lifejacket Gang

Here is a link to a little piece the KC Star did.


MUD said...

Great clip. They should have introduced you and the KC Rowing club but hey, I knew who you were. MUD

Donna said...

you are such a great teacher!!! sort of a bit like hearding cats, isn't it? : )

Cindy said...

This was such a great surprise! Hooray for the exposure and recognition of the first year of a great program!

Kathy said...

You're right! They are very cute in their orange vests.

I know what it's like--working with kids--very rewarding but very tough. Are you ready for a beer and a nap?

Keep up the good work. :)

MUD said...

What I really loved was the Drill Sergeant voice at the beginning. OK Troops, ROW! on four, ROW! MUD

Anonymous said...

Your mother and I went to see Ma Ma Mia yesterday and had such a good time. I thought of you
when she sang about her child going to her first year of school. I know your mother and I reached for kleenex at the same time. Take some girl friends and see this movie.
Love Aunt Sue