Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My Green Life

So...all those months ago...can't remember exactly how many months...I started this little online journal.

I began blogging because my cousin Rebecca had a blog and it was fun to read and I was bored. (her blog is still fun to read by the way...poke around and find a 'Walmart' post).

This was a fun, new way to keep up with all my family and a few friends. My Uncle MUD has a blog (he gets political but he means well and his stories are good), my little sis Kimmy has a blog (she doesn't post much 'cause she's so dang busy), my BFF Donna has a 'Ronneblog' (it always seems that when we blog about a shared experience she says exactly what I'm trying to say...she's a wonderful writer).

Then my life took a green turn. And I blogged about being green. It was fun to talk to the Petty girls about greeness at our weekly lunch. My mom and aunt Sue were regular readers.

And I was(am) pretty green.

I learned all about recycling in my community. Replaced my light bulbs, wandered around in the dark, turned my thermostat down, started riding my bike to work, took a bag with me to the store and mostly began paying attention. There are still things I could do. There are still things I will do.

Then a good friend got very ill, and rowing started and I was writing more about my life than about my green life.
I still read the green blogs listed on my side bar (and several others...look for a sidebar update soon!).

I felt bad about not posting creative green thoughts about my green life...but then I realized...
I'm posting about my life.

And my life is pretty green.

So just know...that as I post about traveling with the boys, regattas, funerals, friends, my goofy animals...I am still living a green(ish) life....

My life.


Anonymous said...

crazy wonderful wacky circuitous life that it is. love you... gb

Kathy said...

"It aint easy being green."

Kermit the Frog

Anonymous said...

i LOVE that song!!! gb