Thursday, July 31, 2008

Those Damn Ends

Are you having more trouble making them meet?? Boy, I sure am.

Everyone is struggling right now, the way everything has gotten more expensive. I spent several hours this morning with my budget. What can I cut out? What can I cut back on?

The cell phone for the brother-going, so are is the insurance and a few other options.
Home phone-switching to a bundle with the cable company...if I can ever get through to them.
Credit Card (that I'm working like the dickens to pay off!)-promotional period ended...don't ya love when that happens! Need to switch it, again.
Car Insurance-increased $180 a year! shopping around...

I'll continue to ride my bike to work, work to keep the utilities down, eat local and shop for sales and bargains, I was thinking about buying a kayak...nope.

Jeeze...I make pretty good money, don't have kids or a big fancy house. How do folks do it!

I did get some nice free entertainment this afternoon. I rode my bike out and around the lake, about 16 miles and the lake miles are hilly! It was free, good for me and good for the environment.


Kathy said...

What do we do to save money in the budget?

*Shopping at Aldi's now and then
*No home phone
*No cable tv or satellite
*Lawn chair entertainment
*Drove old cars for years
*Clearance sales

Sounds like you have some great ideas! Keep up the good work. :)

Cindy said...

I hear ya, it's very tough these days. I can't believe how much my monthly gas bill is - was $411.57 in June, haven't totalled July yet. I get some of that reimbursed, but it's still a hit. I too, do without. I can't tell you how many times I walk around, say Target, pick things up, carry them around for a while, and then go put them back. It's the fun of shopping without the final expense (:

MUD said...

We all do what we do and make choices on what we spend. My entire adult life I spent in the Guard and missed one weekend (at least) a month and two weeks in the summer so I could buy and fix up a 57 Chevy and to support my other hobbies. Hope you get it all figured out soon. Remember the poster that Grandma had on the back of her bathroom door. Happiness is wanting what you have not getting what you want. Love ya, MUD

Anonymous said...

good thoughts... unfortuately, i have no answers. if only i knew the person that could skew the lottery in my favor!

you up for a sunday not-so-early-morning ride? gb