Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Me And My Bike..

...sometimes it's a love hate relationship.

This morning there was faint thunder (the dogs heard it but I did not), the threat of rain showers and I just plain got up late.

As I drank my first cuppa the conversation I was having with myself..."isn't it supposed to rain tomorrow morning", "I'm really just too tired", "I already ridden over 260 miles so far this year"...

Then I got my butt in gear, packed my bag and got on the dad gum bike.

I was tired...I've logged over 60 miles in the last 6 days. It was raining...but not very hard and I don't melt. And I have ridden a lot this year but that's really kinda cool.

So I rode.

My friend JK and I were talking about riding the bus to work yesterday. He lives in midtown and rides to south JoCo. Takes him an hour and he can drive it in less than 20. I'm not sure how I would get from my house to my work on a bus...Maybe this winter I'll try once and see.

There is a lot of lip service about cutting down the miles we drive. Sounds like a great idea.

In a city like KC it is extraordinarily difficult for most folks to commute via public transportation. Once you get into the center of our metro there are buses and it's a possibility...but most of us live far from downtown.

How do we get around where we live and work??

Bikes are great but what if you live far from your job or have a job where you need to look presentable and have no shower facilities available?

What if your job requires you to travel during the day?

What the time you bike home from the fire are just too dang tired to ride to your coaching job? What if the closest (decent) grocery store is far, far away? What do we do when it rains, when it's cold...

What will we do when gas goes up another $1.00? $2.00 $5.00.

What will you do?

I will get on my bike...even when I'm tired. Kinda like today.


Kathy said...

Random Green Thoughts...

I checked the mileage yesterday after I filled the tank. My Honda Fit is getting 35.5 mpg and I feel pretty good about that.

We haven't checked the Element yet.

We try to be careful about not going to town whenever...John is there every weekday for work so I have him stop now and then to pick something up from the store.

I yell at John to mow less of the yard. Does that count? I don't weedwhack everytime John mow--just about every third time.

I planted drought tolerant plants and haven't watered at all this year. The yarrow actually has gotten too much rain and I think some of it has died. Go figure.

My last bill for BP (British Petroleum) was $450. Oh my gosh!!!

Are we all going to talk to our bosses about telecommuting one or two days a week? Jenn, how do you think that will go over? James Bond had a remote control for one of his fancy cars. Could you drive the big red truck by remote control? hee hee

MUD said...

Are you bringing any of the KCR team to Topeka for the Kansas Teams. I read that the rowing starts on Friday. If you do, let me know so I can come over and see you and cheer on your rowers. MUD