Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cookies Today...Soup Yesterday

I spent today with my sister and her family (Happy Birthday Kenny!) and Amanda making cookies, decorating our KC stockings, bowling a few games on the Wii and playing a little drums for Rock Band.
It was just the kind of day that makes me feel like it is truly Christmas. Busy and loud...full of food, drink and family.
Some little mint chocolate short breads cooling next to the jam thumbprints...yummy.
The favorite!

Kim's tree is so pretty.

We have some great stockings but they are in Texas where we usually are for Christmas. We needed stockings and Kim found some plain red ones really cheap.
We all had a hand in the decorating...aren't they great!


Kimmy said...

I love the pictures! What a great day thanks so much for spending it with us.

MUD said...

I think the true spirit of Christmas is having a stocking hung with care on the mantle of a family you love. MUD