Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Few Of My Favorite People

I've been coaching for many years and I have collected a wonderful group of young ladies who remain a part of my life and each others lives. We are friends. It's wonderful. Most holiday breaks we gather for breakfast at the same place at the same table. The girls are back in KC from the places they have scattered to and we make a point to meet at least once. The group changes each time. Today we missed Summers, Elizabeth and Adrienne but some of us got to meet mister Jake for the first time.
I guess when my rowing kids have their own kids...they are kind of my...'grand rowers'.

No matter what I call him...he sure is darling.

It's great to catch up...they are finshing college, beginning college, starting families, changing the world.

I am so proud of all of them.

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MUD said...

I just hope they are as proud of you as we are. Great people attract great people. You can tell the quality of the individual by the quality of the friends they have. Love ya. MUD