Friday, December 12, 2008

Thing 5 And Thing 30

Did 'em
I now can flip in the pool and I do....almost every lap.
On Saturday I ran 3 miles without stopping!
I'm pretty excited about both things!


Kimmy said...

I want to see you do the flip in the pool I think that looks so cool. Very proud of you sis!

MUD said...

I will promise you that after a Monsoon season in Southeast Asia that your number 17 is not what you really will want once you do. Until you and everything you own is totally soaked for weeks on end will you understand that unless you can go back to the firehouse and dry out it is not fun.
I admire your setting and attaining goals. Have you got to play with your mother's dog yet? What a sweet heart. Need some training like rescue but I guess I did encourage her to be naughty. (The dog not Carol, she's been sick) MUD

Manda said...

I'm 25 and I can't even run 3 miles in a day! I've even had that treadmil for a few days now and haven't used it but once...i have to keep up with for spinning class, that's just CRAZY!!! :P