Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Don't Give The Weather Folks Such A Hard Time

I look at a lot of radar. I know where our lake lies and typically how storms move through our area. I always check the radar an hour or so before any scheduled practice.

At 4:52am...yes AM...this is what the radar looked like. That little yellow blob just to the east of KC normally would move east/north east...right over our lake. Most storms would move at a speed that would indicate very rainy conditions at our 6am practice time.

So I sent out the text...cancelling practice. At 5:51 the radar looked like this.
Stupid storm falling apart. No rain. No storms. Just me...smelling the already brewed coffee and remembering the days when I could just fall right back to sleep.

So give the weather folks a break. Sometimes storms do what they are supposed to and sometimes they don't.

It's all a crap shoot.

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-Mrs. T- said...

Hey Jenn. I have a favor. I need several addresses so I can send wedding invitations to everyone.
1. You and Manda.
2. Denny and Barb.
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4. Kim and Kenny.
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I think that is all I can think of. just e-mail them to me at mellieann07@yahoo.com.
Thanks so much. :-)