Sunday, June 07, 2009


So...the treadmill blew up this morning. Some sort of electrical malfunction that blew fuses, lit up the basement in a very scary way and filled the air with that burnt electrical smell.

Now, you might be asking yourself...what in the world does that have to do with turning off the TV?

Well...I'm gonna tell you.

The demise of the treadmill led Amanda and I into a conversation about what she was going to do now that she "couldn't run". I, of course, suggested that she might try...running...outside. Oh the horror.

Talking about all the places available for running got us talking about spending time outside. She wants to learn to use the grill. I'd like to spend time on the porch...hanging out.

And then I suggested that we try turning off the TVs for a week.

Good way to make time for outdoor activities. And reading. And listening to music. And studying. And cooking. And talking. And blogging.

We talked about the details and decided that this coming week would be a good week to try as we are both pretty busy. It's nice to set yourself up for success.

So as of midnight TV. Until Monday, June 15.

Be sure to check back. This could be interesting


MUD said...

During our time in Morocco, we were without TV. 8 days without keping upwith the world. What a nice time to forget that who is doing what. How about when you are at the station? No TV there? No cheating on your roomie. MUD

Kimmy said...

Interested to see how it turns out does this mean no movies either?

Jenn said...

We're gonna watch movies and I only work on Friday. It'll be a challenge at work but I think I cna pull it off.

Kathy said...

What about tv for severe weather?

Amy said...

Keith and I went from August to January without cable. Which, is basically without T.V when you live out in the woods and don't get good reception. We survived. We had great family time. Now when the heat pump went out in December the family time was spent around the wood burning fire place. It's amazing what amenities you can live without.

Clare said...

I totally understand the comment about how now she couldn't run with the treadmill down. I'm the same way. I hate running outside, I have my tivo in front of my treadmill and its really the only time I watch tv, but its nice. So I get her plight!