Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Off - Day 3

This post...I suppose...should be about our third day with out the boob tube but I have to be honest. Today I didn't even think about the TV.

Instead I thought about this little guy and all of his little buddies. Today was a good day to be a rowing coach.

I think he looks scared.

They all look scared but then they tell you they're having fun. Who knows.

Thiis our dock shortly before the kiddos arrive. Peaceful.Here I am getting them organized before we head out.This is my rockstar assisant coach... I'd love to know what he's telling them!Don't they look sooooo small...
Can you tell that the boat is leaning to one side...I can't for the life of me teach them to set the boat level...
Sometimes they need a little help.
But then again...don't we all?


Kathy said...

I think that boy looks intense. Like he's concentrating so hard his head might explode. Maybe he's really competitive???

Now the picture of the leaning boat...THAT scares ME!

Kimmy said...

I did'nt like the leaning boat at all! And I love the looks on the kids faces when Kenny was talking to them, he rocks! Oh and of course you do to!

Donna said...

Amazing... absolutely amazine that you can get them to do what they do!!! You really DO rock [the boat]!! :-)

MUD said...

In the last picture is someone really leaning way outside the centerline? You know that these kids will treasure these memories the rest of their lives. MUD