Sunday, June 21, 2009


There is a struggle going on in our house. A struggle common to those of you with feline roommates.

Cyrus wants out.


"Let me ouuuuuuut."

Did you know that cats are very effective communicators. Very effective.

Now I understand that some of you are not 'cat people'. I'm always irritated by folks who say, "I hate cats. I'm allergic." Strangely...hating and allergic are not at all the same thing. People, most people, who don't like cats have never been around one.

Cats are more varied in personality and temperament than dogs...and I'm a 'dog person'. It's true.

Our Gus is Switzerland. Easy to get along with, likes everyone, calm, quiet (unless the water bowl is less than completely full).

Jack is a freak. Afraid of everything. 'Nuff said.

Tasha...Tasha is our 'special child'. She has a claw disability. She can't seem to figure out how to retract her claws when walking and she gets stuck. She's kind of a loner. Or maybe she's just stuck somewhere.

Cyrus. As I mentioned, Cyrus wants out. And I think that really explains it all. He stalks the doors. And if something doesn't latch he'll be right there...trying to get it open.

He tries to get out when the dogs go in and out. So the dog in/out maneuver is usually done on one foot while using the other foot to hold back the cat who wants ouuuuuut! Balancing on one foot, hollering at Cyrus while trying to get the deaf/blind dog to go in/out when she's already unsure because of the crazed bouncing Mean Dog (River). Yeah, good times.

Now why don't we just let him out? Well...since you asked. Our neighborhood has a large free range dog population and we are three houses from a busy street. He's a big cat and can probably take care of himself but I'd rather not chance it.

But I'll tell you what...the next time I'm balancing on one foot in the middle of the dog in/out maneuver and he makes a break for it.

I'm letting him go. He'll just have to take his chances.

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carrie said...

I got Kimmy's e-mail this morning. What is the blog for girls weekend?