Monday, June 08, 2009

Off - Day 1

Things were very busy today. Very busy.

I coached my high schoolers from 6-8am, the YMCA kiddos from 9-1 and our adults rowers from 6-8pm. Yes...that's 8 hours of coaching rowing. A full time job.

I also did a load of laundry, dishes, had lunch with some of my kids, cleaned and moved the grill, played catch with Amanda in the backyard, talked on the phone, read a book and took a nice nap.

And I didn't watch one second of TV.

I missed it a little this morning as I was getting ready to leave for the lake. It's always on as I get coffee, have breakfast, feed know, morning stuff.

And I'm not gonna lie...I'm missing it a little right now. It's the way I wind down before bed. A little mindless TV.

The problem is just's mindless.

I don't know if I would have gotten as much done today if the TV had been on. I'm guessing not.


Donna said...

so far... so good! nice work, my friend!

Kathy said...

Forget the tv...I'm just impressed you managed to get in a nap!

Manda said...

Jenn, this is going to take quite a bit of effort!!! We are going to have to tighten the belt on the "ambient noise" eh?! I figure if we play music in the background, it'll seem like the TV's on!