Wednesday, November 22, 2006

24 hours to go

I'm ready are you?
I had to move the couch into the dining room and set up the table in the living room to make space for everyone but I think it's going to work. I've got 9 chairs if we use a few from the garage. 9 plates, 9 napkins, 9 wine glasses. I hope only 9 people show up!
The sweet potatoes are baked and in the frig ready to be scooped out. The white potatoes are peeled and in water in the frig ready to be boiled and smashed. Tom is chilling.
I dusted, swept, cleaned the bathroom, put clean sheets on the bed upstairs for my worthless brother.
The plan is to get home in the morning, turn on the oven, bake some bananas (for a sweet potato dish), give Tom a bath, stuff him, put him in to roast, upstairs for 45 minutes of erging, shower, have a glass of wine, make the wild rice stuffing, sweet potatoes, have a glass of wine, set the table, have a glass of wine, feed everyone, clean up, have a glass of wine, fall exhausted into bed.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Don't forget to erg tomorrow.
A quick but not complete list of those participating in the Challenge:
Donna R
Ed R
Let me know who else is sharing in the fun!
I think we'll plan to get together for a 100,000 meter happy hour.
Go fast.

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JuneB said...

Count me in. Hopefully, you can't injure a body part falling off an erg. Long story. Happy TDay.