Sunday, November 26, 2006

Rock Chalk Jayhawk and the relationship between heart rate and stroke rate

Well...the difficulty in being a Jayhawk is the swing of emotions. Quite a game although it doesn't completely take the sting out of the Oral Roberts incident.
I'll admit that I only made it through the 1st half but I taped it and when my alarm went off this morning I turned it on and watched the last five minutes and the overtime. Even before coffee.
I wanted to talk a bit more about worries, much shorter than the last training blog.
When I was training competitively we trained exclusively by heart rate. My coaches never, well almost never, coached stroke rate. The difference was that we all had heart rate monitors and were required to wear them at all practices. When our coaches posted workouts they would give heart rate zones where I give stroke rate.
Training by stroke rate is a much less specific plan. I would prefer to us heart rate but I know that you all don;t have HR monitors.
I try to pick rates that should create a specific effort that will take to the heart rate zone I'd like you to be in for the given workout.
Lower stroke rates will should give you heart rates in your utilization zone...teaching your body how to use the oxygen moving in your blood. Higher stroke rates should give you heart rates in your Transportation zone...strengthening your heart and your oxygen transportation system.
Simple, right?
Go fast.
PS 21598 meters as of yesterday.

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MUD said...

Saw Bob and Julia the other day. She looks great, Asa Bob looked worn out. We visited for a while and laughed. Wished you could have been there. Dennis