Wednesday, November 15, 2006

And all of a sudden it was bedtime.

I had every intention of erging yesterday. Really, I did. But first I needed to clean out the refrigerator. It needed to be done...seriously. And then the kitchen cabinets were bugging me. And then I'd made a mess in the dining room with all the stuff I removed from the kitchen. And laundry and I mopped the floors. There were emails to answer and I needed to run to the store and reserve my turkey (14 lb fresh!).

This is my problem. I will create diversions to keep from working out. It's not that I don't enjoy it. It's not that I don't want to do it. I need to be forced. Forced by a group practice (like tonight, YEAH) or by a goal such as the Holiday Erg Challenge (which starts in 1 week!).

Here is a little secret. Erging will not make you faster on the water. You won't get back in the boat in March and be lightening fast because you sat on the erg all winter. What it will do is allow you to work at a level on the water that will make you fast. You won't need to do conditioning in the boat. You can jump right in with blade work and boat speed.

We all have things that get in the way, or that we put in the way. Your challenge for the winter is to figure out ways to trick yourself into making it a priority. Health and fitness should be important to us. We are athletes. Older athletes but still athletes. We have passed the time where we will earn college scholarships. We won't be making the Olympic team. But we will grow older with friends we adore, healthy, active and interesting.

Go fast...or at least go.

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Growing young said...

I started swimming when I was 40. I took lessons and when I was beyond lessons, I joined a masters swim team. I practiced 3 days a week with the team. Then I started entering meets. At first, I didn't do too well. It was all new - the dive, the flip turn, the last ditch effort at the end! But, after about 2 years, I actually became pretty competitive - I have a few medals to prove it - earned medals! A teammate said something to me about where I was heading and where he came from. He said I was lucky because I didn't have the high school or college experience behind me. He was super fast in college. But now as an older swimmer, he has seen how his times have slowed. He said that since I was just starting, that I can see my progress and that I was getting faster, not slower. For rowing, I can only get better. And yes, we are atheletes. And yes, there is such a thing as the Senior Olympics! I just want to be a better rower and be more competitive - I think that's a realistic goal for my short experience. I can only get better at this point!