Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rowing solo or with friends

Last night I joined the masters for the Monday night workout. I need to remember when making training plans that I will also be erging...5 minutes at 24 almost did me in!

It was interesting to me how the intensity of my workout changes when rowing in a group. I can get the work done...sitting alone with the tv in the attic...I do the workouts, mostly as written and the meters add up just the same. I really pushed last night. It felt great. I wouldn't have worked nearly that hard by myself.

If you have an opportunity to erg in a group TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT! The same holds true if you are running, biking, swimming. You get more out of the experience if you workout with friends. Even once or twice a week will keep you inspired and fresh.

Tracy, Sharon and I are heading to Portland, Oregon on Wednesday for the US Rowing convention...just about the time the freezing rain is supposed to reach KC, yeah for us!

Sharon is taking the Level One coaching education series and I will attend most of the advanced level series. I will spend a very long day in the Youth Advisory Committee meeting...yawn. We always return home with new ideas and energy and perhaps I can help solve some of the issues we are struggling with in youth rowing in the US.

I would also imagine we will do some dining and exploring.

I know we will spend some time each morning on the ergs that Concept 2 provides for the convention.

Total meters 49441

Go fast.

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