Tuesday, November 14, 2006

They're everywhere!

This is apparently a picture of a weight room somewhere at the South Pole. Note the Model B erg in the lower right hand corner.
If you haven't already, I would recommend signing up for Concept2's online logbook. It has a lot of neat features. It will log every meter you row and when you reach 1 million meters they send you a t-shirt. You can participate in the Holiday Erg Challenge (200K between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day). You can look at a history of all your workouts and see splits, track improvement. You can search to see what others all over the world your size and age are pulling.
And now for a non rowing comment. Please check the address on your house. Make sure that it is visible even when a porch light isn't on and is big enough to be read from the street at night. Big simple numbers in a starkly contrasting color are great. Don't get those script ones and don't put them on the front porch under the eves. Trying to find a house number from an emergency vehicle at night is so hard. If you really need help they'll need to be able to find you.
One of our Juniors has been offered a nice scholarship to the University of Tulsa. She has some erg work to do this winter to meet the terms of the offer but I think it's a fantastic opportunity. Many of you know who she is (rows a single, strokes a quad, her folks keep us fed!) although I'm hesitant to refer to our kids by name on a public blog. If you see her at the gym, tell her how proud we all are of her.
Go fast.

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In reference to the Concept2 logbook - it's a great tool. It also keeps history from the previous year. I was happy that when I did my first two 20 minute sets that my times were right where I left off last winter. The old lady's still got it!