Monday, November 13, 2006

And so it begins...

I'm working today at Station #7 in Argintine...they have a wireless signal but it is very weak and slow, reminds me a bit of the old days of dial up! So this will be short and sweet with out much fluff. I'm learning how to post pictures and links but not today.

Yipee! Today is the first day of Winter Workouts! Aren't you excited! The signup system seems to have worked pretty well. Mondays and Saturdays are one is interested in Tuesdays or Fridays. Fridays I can understand but Tuesdays? There's nothing on TV on Tuesdays, I figured Tuesdays would fill up.

Oh well.

Remember that there are a few novice erging with us this year. They don't understand the workout lingo so explain to them what you are going to do. Correct basic technique mistakes (Handles not moving level, rushing, legs, back arms, that kind of stuff). Show them how to work the monitors.

I will show up from time to time to coach and workout with you (Laura may as well). Have fun, remember to be considerate of the others who may be there working out, clean up after yourselves, pull hard and don't get uptight about the splits...not yet any way.

Go fast.


MUD said...

Speaking from the side as an old rounder, Tuesday night was one night that I just called it quits early to catch up on sleep. Seems like there was never enough time to smell all the flowers out there. Are you going to start a personal Blog? This Coaching stuff sounds a lot like work.

Jenn said...

I'll probably mix a little personal stuff in from time to time.