Monday, August 03, 2009

The First Little Boy I Loved

We had a gathering at my house yesterday...the second annual Wyandotte County Pool Party...and this young man is just so neat I thought this post from July '07 would be a great post to share.
He is learning to drive, drove to and from my house on the interstate and did a little practice parallel parking while he was here. Today we are going to spend some time at the mall just backing in and out of parking spaces.
You do have to imagine him with crazy long teenage boy hair.
He's a very good brother.
He is funny and maybe sometimes annoying.
He is kind and thoughtful.
He's a little quirky.
He is very handsome.

He is my very first nephew...the little boy (who is not so little anymore)...the little boy I learned how to be Aunt Jenn with.


June said...

I bet Austin will always love Aunt Jenn too! They all grow up so fast...pretty soon somebody's going to be getting married, and there you'll be saying...when did they get old enough to be married? Amazing! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

Donna said...

awesome pix...what handsome nephews!!! doesn't look like you guys are having any fun at all! ; )

Jenn said...

No, of course's really awful have to jet ski, swim, fish, lay in the hammock...oh wait...there hasn't been any laying in the hammock because these kids are wearing me out!!
Actually they are awesome and we are having a ball!