Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's A Girl!

Some of you know that we are by 'we' I certainly do not mean me! But our family is going to welcome a new baby in January. Bob and Julia (and I actually just mean Julia) are preggers.
And this week we found out that it's a girl. Gasp.
We just don't have girls.
I mean...we have Rachel but Gina had to marry Charlie for us to get her. And we have Evan...she's stepbrother Jeff's little darling.
We also have Austin, Alex, Gregory, Landry, Matty, Andrew, Stephen and Spencer.
So we are pretty excited. I'm a little worried.
I've been doing the boy thing. You know...being the crazy aunt to all the boys.
In my toy box there are cars...a lot of cars.
I'm going to have to change my perspective. Think pink instead of blue.
I can't wait!


Kimmy said...

Yeah its a girl!

Mom/Katie said...

I bought a pink "silkie" yesterday. I can't wait.
Grandma to be.

Donna said...

Yay!!!!! Pink is such a lovely color... :-)

MUD said...

I think it is your "Aunt Jen" job to ensure that our newest family member doesn't get just pink things. Teach her all the fun stuff like rowing, bike riding and playing in the mud with the dogs and she'll be OK. I wish Julia all the best. MUD