Friday, August 07, 2009

4th Of July (yes, I know it's August)

I realize this post is about a month late...but, hey...I've been busy. Apparently Dad is holding some pictures hostage until he sees the fishing pictures at the bottom of this post...Dad, here they are. It was hot. You know, Texas in July, duh.

Stephen is getting so big, so grown up.
Austin is pretty popular with the little guys.
Stevie was 'christening' us. And then he realized he'd forgotten himself. "I begot myself," he said.
I have a great picture of Austin at about this same age, very similar to this one.
These two did a lot of fishing. I think Steve wore the same shirt all weekend.
Andrew got a new fishing pole.

(I know this is a repeat photo but I'm tired of fighting with Blogger)

There you go.

. from Nationals.

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