Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Got My Girl Back!!

Oh ya'll...I cannot tell you how worried I had become. By Monday I was thinking that if this was the way it was going to be...then...well, we weren't going to do it. She was miserable. I was miserable. Miserable. Tears...I can't tell you how many tears.
Tuesday I called her vet. We talked some and decided that it could be the steroids.
And it seems that it was. This is the happy, smiley girl I love so much.
Her eye is much better but still a little puffy. She seems to be seeing out of it okay.
And Tracy, I think she always craves meatballs...just saying.


Kimmy said...

She looks good I am so glad:)

Cindy said...

Yeah!!!!!!!! She does look good. It's amazing how much better the world becomes when the furry children feel better.

Kathy said...

I'm so glad you all feel better! There's nothing like the worry you feel when a loved one is not well.