Friday, August 07, 2009

Cone Head

Take a blind, not so confident pup. Bust her eye up real good. Then put a huge plastic collar on her.
Pathetic. But it's hard not to laugh. I'm not gonna lie.
She's doing pretty good. The steroids are helping with the swelling and the pain meds are keeping her comfortable. She's had a rough week, this old girl has.
Love on your critters today. Trips to the emergency vet in the middle of the night really drive home how very, very important they are. Very important.


Kimmy said...

My poor niece give her hugs from Auntie Kim.

Cindy said...

Gus had so many eye problems and multiple surgeries and he wore the cone many, many times. He got used to it but his personality even changed. He would ram into Greta (and us) and flip his food and water bowls over with the edge of the cone. Kind of a defensive tackler mentality.

Glad to hear she is doing better. She is lucky to have such a good mama who will take her to the emergency vet in the middle of the night.